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Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Jaggery
Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Spread (Hazelate®) | Refined Sugar Free | 45% Nuts



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Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Spread (Hazelate®) | Refined Sugar Free | 45% Nuts


HAZELATE ® – Is our trademarked brand of Chocolate Nut Spreads comprising of high percentage of different nuts, chocolate and free of preservatives/dairy/palm oil. This (Jaggery) version consists of more than 45% nuts  and is refined sugar free making it exceptionally tasty and guilt free treat for you and your loved ones. Our complete range of chocolate spreads consists of Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Almond Chocolate Spread (Crunchy) & Refined Sugar Free Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Spread.

Moreover, our packaging is done in Glass Bottle & use minimum to no plastic for courier in order avoid plastic waste! We take a lot of effort from our end to make the product better from all aspects making it an All Rounder Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.  All our spreads are Vegan friendly. Some of our customers call it the best and highest quality substitute vegan nutella. You may visit our INSTAGRAM page to see customer feedback for our earlier products in Stories.

Scroll down for complete description about the product in detail along with it’s uses.

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Why you should definitely buy Hazelate Jaggery Chocolate Spread!

#1 More than 45% Nuts!

High Quantity of Nuts means higher fiber and higher protein, hence more goodness! Texture of Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Spread is SMOOTH.

#2 High Standard & Commitment

We are a startup involved in manufacturing of very high quality chocolate spreads and nut butters thereby keeping our standards really high in order to build a loyal customer base. We develop products based on customer queries as well.

#3 Palm Oil & Refined Oil Free

Palm Oil has been linked to habitat destruction of Orangutans. Our spreads are free of palm oil. We currently use Cold-press Groundnut Oil in our chocolate spreads.

#4 Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use glass bottles for packaging, which does increase our costs but keeps environment safe compared to plastic bottles. Packages are couriered without the use of plastic wraps/bubbles, safely using old shredded paper or cardboard padding.

#5 Free of Artificial Ingredients

Our ingredients are simple. We don’t add any preservatives, colours or flavours, thereby giving you the real taste of nuts and chocolate.

#6 Cholesterol & Transfat Free

Our products do not contain any animal product and hence almond chocolate spread is cholesterol free. Also, no oils are heated over it’s smoke point obviously, hence no transfats. It is vegan friendly.

#7 Dairy Free & Gluten Free

There is no added Dairy thereby making it Vegan friendly. Chocolate & Nuts are naturally gluten free.

#8 Made with Real Chocolate

We use Cocoa Mass & Cocoa Butter to give the chocolate spread that rich chocolate-y and smooth feel. Natural anti-oxidants of Cocoa Butter have additional benefits.

#9 Refined Sugar Free

We use Jaggery as a sweetener which adds to already high fiber content from nuts, thereby making it a healthy chocolate spread. Anyone who is avoiding refined sugar can have this chocolate spread totally guilt free!

Hazelnut Jaggery Chocolate Spread 800

How to Use Hazelate?

Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie Recipe
Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding Recipe Hazelate
Hazelate Cold Coffee
Hazelate Cake Topping
Hazelnut Chocolate

1 – Ingredient Hazelate Chocolate Recipe Trick

When you buy Hazelate (any of the variations), you not only buy chocolate spread, but also a chocolate! How? Well, Hazelate is made with cocoa butter and cocoa mass which are premium ingredients used in chocolate making. 

All you have to do is, pour the Hazelate Chocolate Spread into silicon/plastic mould and set it in freezer for 15-20 minutes. That is it! Take out the frozen chocolate and eat it bite size, share it with your siblings or parents or friends and enjoy!

If you wish to make it taste like Dark Chocolate, melt some cocoa mass or high cocoa dark chocolate and add to Hazelate, mix it well and freeze it. It then becomes dark hazelnut chocolate or almond crunch chocolate!

Easy steps to make Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

Trick to make almond chocolate spread (hazelate) truffles is simple and as follows:

Use Ratio – 1:0.5:1 for Chocolate, Hazelate & Dairy Free Whipping Cream, that is, if you are using 1 cup of melted chocolate, add 1 cup of hot non dairy whipping cream and half cup of hazelate chocolate spread. Mix them thoroughly and keep it in fridge to harden enough for you to be able to scoop them using spoon and roll into balls.

Cover them with decoration/cocoa powder, refrigerate and serve chilled. It tastes like heaven! Simple 3 ingredient truffle.

If you donot have access to non dairy whipping cream, you may use water of the order of 1/3rd cup but it will be quick to melt.

Hazelate Truffle Recipe

Possibilities are ENDLESS!

Hazelnut Chocolate Donut Hazelate
Hazelate Ice Cream
Hazelate Tart

Donuts, Ice creams, cakes, brownies, chocolates, puddings, coffee – Endless Possibilities!

Cakes/Brownies/Doughnut Topping

Premium Cake Topping/Filling is an excellent taste booster | add an extra Yummi-ness or nutti-ness! Recipes will be shared soon

Cold/Hot Coffee/Chocolate Shakes

Add a Tables spoon in your cold/hot coffee for an amazing experience! Recipes will be shared to help you.

Bread Spread or Freeze for Chocolate

Simply apply to bread slice for snack or freeze in mould to make chocolates. Recipes will be shared soon for more help.

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