Roasted Makhana Chaat (Dairy Free)


In life, we have met people who just LOVE the sound of Chaat! On our launch, in 2019, we were constantly asked if we could do papdi chaat and our answer used to be that we will soon add that. Lockdown has passed and we finally have not just a superb tasting papdi chaat filled with papdi, veggies, cafe-made chutneys and cashew soy curd, but also a Roasted Makhana Chaat!

Rich, creamy & chatpatta makhana chaat is now available! Deliveries in Gurgaon within 12 kms. Contact us on 9971980350 for more details.



What is so special about our Roasted Makhana Chaat?

Well, it’s crunchy, tasty, tangy & that’s all of chaat emotions!! 😉

On a serious note, as with all of our products, it is totally plant based and cruelty free! We roast our Makhana’s ourselves. Chutneys are also made in-house to avoid any preservatives and fresh from leaves (coriander chutney). We have used unrefied filtered groundnut/olive oil to make our papdis and roast makhanas, so no palm oil in papdi or makhana as well.

What do you use in place of dairy curd?

We currently use Cashew and Soy to make our vegan curd/dairy free/plant based curd. Process of fermentation is the same with any protein and fat based mixture. You get good tangi-ness in your chaat as well! Our costs to make this is currently high, so papdi chaat is a product we generally wish to reach the local crowd as well. We make it in small batches every other day hence this product is in limited stock.


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Roasted Makhana Chaat (Dairy Free)