Falafel-Hummus Plate


Falafel is a light, quick snack to eat! 1 plate roughly contains 10 pieces along with hummus dip! This serving would be great for 1 person. Oil used is not chemically processed, Tahini or Sesame Seed Butter is made in-house, so none of the ingredients of hummus have any preservatives added.

Deliveries in Gurgaon within 12 kms. Contact us on 9971980350 for more details.


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What is in a Falafel Hummus Plate?

Falafel is a staple Middle Eastern dish. It’s a popular snack that consists of fried chickpea spiced balls. Hummus is a dip made with Chickpeas and Tahini as major ingredients. Being Indians, we love our spices, so we mix our own spices and make this lovely snack which has all good ingredients and is a fantastic filler! We manufacture our own Tahini (Sesame seed butter), so no ingredients have any preservatives.

1 Plate is good enough for 1 person. 1 plate contains roughly 10 pieces of falafel and hummus dip along with it.


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